A Law Every IT Pro Must Know

A Law Every IT Pro Must Know

New legal requirements impacting the entire digital economy are set to come online in 2018. These changes are critical for anyone working with data to be aware of. If you don't, you could be exposing yourself and your clients to fines of up to 4% of their annual global turnover. For Google, that's a fine of up to €3 billion!

So what must developers, coders, and indeed IT businesses generally do to ensure that they do not get caught by the significant fines adopted in December by the EU authorities? Listen to Kim's tips and become aware of the new requirements before they come into effect.

Lecturer of the event is Kim Smouter. He is market research's chief lobbyist in Brussels and he has been monitoring and championing the industry's interests throughout the negotiation phase of the EU Data Protection Regulation

The lecture will be in english.
Free entry for all guests!

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